Review: Don’t Breathe, 2016, dir. Fede Alvarez


It’s taken Fede Alvarez all of two movies to establish a name for himself as a filmmaker you’ll either love or loathe. On one hand, you have his 2013 Evil Dead reboot. On the other, you have Don’t Breathe, his latest, a taut, tense, delightfully nasty bit of business that has surprisingly interesting ideas about a certain subject that probably requires both trigger and spoiler warnings, and which I won’t mention here in deference to the latter. Put in short, Don’t Breathe is solid stuff worth a watch if you’re in the mood to whiteknuckle chair rests, though you should know that the end throws a magnitude ten curveball at your face. Read me at Paste Magazine, where I go into slightly more depth about this film’s goodness.


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