When a Horror Movie Shows Too Much

Let me tell you a story about a guy named me who just got his first piece up in The Hollywood Reporter. It was a good piece, and in fact still is, and you should go read it. I’m not sure what else I’m doing here, really. I’m too excited by my THR debut. Sue me. (Don’t, actually, that’d be supremely uncool and a big waste of everyone’s time.)

But let me tempt you to click the above link by telling you what the whole thing is about. It’s about Annabelle: Creation. I didn’t much care for Annabelle: Creation as a whole, though some of its parts are super effective. Most of those parts occur early in the film, though, before it puts itself over a barrel by stripping away any remaining mystery that might have made Annabelle, the evil possessed devil doll, kinda scary. 

I hate it when that happens. I think horror movies keen on scrubbing away the veneer of terror surrounding their monsters are rubbish, in fact. So I wrote about that, in regards to Annabelle: Creation and a few other movies. (Missed the opportunity to rag on Alien: Covenant again, which commits the same functional error. Oh well.)

Anyways. Go read the Hollywood Reporter article! Do it!


One thought on “When a Horror Movie Shows Too Much

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