“Are Pumpkin Beers ‘Squashed’ for Good?”

Thank god for good editors who come up with headers befitting my brand as the king of dad jokes in culture journalism. What a perfect line.

Funny postscript to this piece: I’m actually getting pumpkin beer in the mail for another piece that has naught to do with pumpkin beer specifically but about Halloween season. Further bulletins as events warrant. In the meantime, this breakdown of the style and its history and its present-day popularity should suffice.

Interesting stuff here. I had no inkling, for instance, that pumpkin was such a drag to work with as an ingredient, or that pumpkin beer outclasses IPA in terms of historical relevance in the craft movement. Hat tip to Fran Caradonna of Schlafly’s for her absurd depth of knowledge*.

You will reap the benefits of that knowledge and more if you click over to my piece at Hop Culture.

*Our first call did not get recorded by my app; per the app’s investigatory team, my carrier did not agree that the call deserved to be recorded. So Fran and I talked twice. Not complaining. She’s a gem.


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