“Rambling Ramblers Episode 48: Leon: The Professional”

First of all: I should probably update my list of all-timers. For the current list you can just check my Letterboxd profile. But one of these days I’ll give this site a sprucing up, and that’ll include my top ten list. Anyway.

Last December I Zoomed with my good buddy Justin Gott on his podcast, The Rambling Ramblers, about Leon, AKA The Professional, and got into what makes the movie so great, why Luc Besson is a creep, and why Luc Besson’s creepiness actually shapes The Professional in ways that are interesting more so than creepy. It’s a good movie! And it’s a good episode! We both say very smart things!

You can listen in on the episode over at The Rambling Ramblers’ site.


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