“The Best Classic & Old Movies on Netflix”

Here’s a neat tidbit*: This is a republish of a preexisting list written prior to my time at Cool Material, and in that time, almost every single movie on the list was removed from Netflix’s streaming catalogue. I had to stretch so far to find movies that qualify as “old” that I nearly tore my rotator cuff. That’s fucking ridiculous.

Once upon a time, and I mean in the fledgling days of Netflix’s streaming service, you could find all sorts of oldies to jam in your queue. Now, Netflix is clogged with random crap plus a never-ending flow of “originals**,” with no mind paid toward curation and no attention given to identity. Netflix is a content IV drip. It’s appalling.

Fortunately, there are enough movies I can argue as “classic” that we were able to make this sucker work, and if Netflix won’t curate their stuff, then I will. Check the full list out over at Cool Material.

*It’s not “neat” at all, but “depressing.”
**Which usually qualify as “crap” as well.

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