“4 Exciting Hops to Watch in 2022”

It isn’t often that I get to dig in and write about hops – you know, one of the most important ingredients in beer – so when I get that chance, I seize it. There are a ton of hop varieties out there, and only a handful tend to find common use in hop-forward beers*. I can’t imagine a world where brewers get lazy and stick to those hops alone and don’t look ahead to hops either yet to be released into the general population, or hops that aren’t as popular and might make a nice change of pace to the standards.

So I reached out to my guys in Beverly, Channel Marker Brewing, the hophead outfit of the Northshore, for some thoughts on what’s coming up this year, and also the Hop Research Council in Oregon. Turns out: There’s good stuff on the horizon! Keen!

You can read the full report over at Hop Culture.

*Apart from the Noble Hops that make lagers what they are.


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