“David Lynch’s ‘Dune’ Might Not Be Perfect, But Its New 4K Restoration Reminds Us It’s Admirable”

“Pretty darn good” isn’t the same thing as “good,” though, and it’s about a million miles away from “great.” Let’s not even mention “perfect,” mostly because few films actually are “perfect”* and hey: If you can’t appreciate great trash, right**?

Movies are instructional. Dune, at least if you unpackage that Arrow 4K set, is all about the work that goes into making a big blockbuster that’s effects-driven by necessity; you don’t have to watch all the documentaries and special features to wrap your brain around David Lynch’s stab at adapting Herbert, but you’ll appreciate the effort that much more if you do.

You can dive into my full thoughts over at Paste Magazine.

*And perfection is all in the eye of the beholder anyway.
**Thanks, Pauline Kael!


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