“‘F.T.A.’: Jane Fonda And Donald Sutherland’s Unearthed Anti-War Film Teach Us What Being Cancelled Really Looks Like”

If you’re a right wing intellectual or commentator, and if you think someone out in the world is being cancelled for saying something racist, ask yourself: Am I also racist? You probably don’t think so. But you also probably are, and let’s just say this, you probably should stop using the word “cancelled.” People don’t get cancelled. They get shown the door, and they’ll figure out a way to open it up again if they want to. Louis C.K. hasn’t been cancelled. Dallas Sonnier hasn’t been cancelled. If anything they got a kick in the ass for doing terrible shit. You want to know what it’s like to be cancelled, try talking to Jane Fonda. She knows.

You can read my full review of her movie F.T.A., finally resurfaced after years of being suppressed, at The Playlist.

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