“‘Greenland’: A Disaster Film That Prioritizes Emotions Over Explosions”

Greenland, contrary to type (and marketing (and its star)), is not a 2 hour movie where Gerard Butler punches asteroids and arm wrestles explosions. It is a movie that filters all of my worst fears about the world ending into a merciless but ultimately optimistic story about regular people just trying to make it through the apocalypse, and all the awful crap they see and do to get there. 

I wasn’t expecting that from Greenland. I was expecting the former. But, three months after the original release date, the movie’s actual material took me off my guard and made me want to hug my daughter, which is about as ringing an endorsement of any movie that I can make these days. Thumbs up. You can read my full review, if you like, over at The Playlist.

*Good on the folks at STX for nixing the theatrical run in September and pushing the film back to a December VOD only release. That’s what responsibility in studio programming looks like.

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