“Best of Criterion’s New Releases, October 2019”

Color me a little judgmental that this October’s edition of all things Criterion is so light in the horror department; you’d think that this’d be the time of year when the Collection would load up on Shit That Be Spooky™ to delight its patrons. Maybe they just couldn’t get the licenses in time. Maybe they put to much effort into the Godzilla box set. Maybe I’m a little salty I couldn’t acquire one of those for my own, because that’s one expensive chunk of Blu-ray*.

Anyways. In all honesty, the Josef von Sternberg discs are more valuable overall, even if they’re less straightforwardly awesome; now’s a good time to embrace film history, and history is what that set’s all about.

You can read our full thoughts on the October Criterion slate over at Paste Magazine.

*Christmas is coming.


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