“The Best Horror Movies of the 2010s”

Horror saw a real boom throughout the course of this decade, though let’s put this out there first: Horror is and always has been popular. Horror movies cost pennies to make, though the horror movies with penny budgets tend to range from “genius” to “trash” to “Violent Shit*”; I’m not about to make a broad, sweeping statement to the effect that horror today costs more than pennies, but I think that it’s fair to say, in a general sense, that horror movies embraced by the zeitgeist are usually on the slick side.

Anyway. That boom has led us to this, a list of the decade’s best movies, and no, I did not campaign to exclude Ari Aster from this list because that’s a totally fruitless endeavor. I did campaign for Prevenge, and The Wailing, and Stake Land, plus others, and I got my two colleagues in horror, Dom Sinacola and Jim Vorel, turned on to In Fabricperhaps the best horror film of 2019**. So, yeah, job well done.

You can read the full list over at Paste Magazine***.

*The actual name of an actual movie.
**It has competition between The Lighthouse and a certain Swedish-Danish film dropping in December.
***And you can read my full, unranked list below:

The Babadook
Stake Land
Get Out
In Fabric
The Witch
The Wailing
Crimson Peak
Koko-di Koko-da
Under the Shadow
The Cabin in the Woods
Tigers Are Not Afraid
You’re Next
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night


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