“The Peculiar Horrors of New England”

So, disclaimer: You probably can’t read this piece, unless you’re cool and already have a subscription to Fangoria. If you don’t, well, you’re out of luck, because this sucker’s behind a pay wall and I ain’t giving away the goods for free. This is normally where I’d go on to be my own hype man, but instead I’ll be Fangoria‘s hype man and say that giving them money is a really good idea, because it’s a great magazine and if you dig horror you should support it, and ultimately you’re doing me a solid, too. So, win win*!

In short: I love New England, I love horror, and I love where the two intersect, so here I am, talking about The LighthouseThe WitchCity of the Living Dead, and In the Mouth of Madness, in my opinion some of the best New England horror movies ever, together painting a portrait of what makes this region so gosh darn spooky.

You can** read the whole feature over at Fangoria.

*Maybe win win win?


One thought on ““The Peculiar Horrors of New England”

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