“Best of Criterion’s New Releases, November 2018”

I didn’t share this the other day because…I’m…lazy, I think? I gotta be honest, keeping this ol’ sucker up to date is a chore on my middling days (and don’t worry, it’s a joy on my best days). Also, I am never sure what the best way is to sum up the Criterion round-ups. We watched some Criterions! And then we wrote about ’em! But I only watched one! It’s complicated, gang.

The one takeaway I have from November is that that new Ingmar Bergman set is quite possibly the extra most bestest thing Criterion has ever done, and while I cannot confirm through personal experience, the boss man’s write-up colors the thing as a gift unto man. I believe it. Bergman is, of course, a gift unto man himself. So…there’s that.

You can read the full piece over at Paste Magazine.



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