“The 10 Best Documentaries of 2018”

Here we are, gang: Year end time. Time for the year to end. Time for the lists. Time for critics to tell you all what is best in this year that is ending. Yadda.

I wrote about the new Frederick Wiseman film. You probably didn’t know a new Frederick Wiseman film even came out this year, did you? I bet you don’t even know who Frederick Wiseman is! That’s actually okay. I’m not sure Frederick Wiseman really gives a withered rat’s ass if you know who he is, either, though I’m pretty sure he’d be tickled if you saw his movies. And he’s made a lot of them. I hope, by the time I’m 88, that I can claim I’m half as prolific, but I’ll probably just lament that I could have been if I hadn’t wasted so much of my life drinking beer and eating PB&J. 

Anyway. Monrovia, Indiana is good stuff. So are many of the other docs on this list. I have my name on a few of these blurbs, by the way, including The Gospel According to Andre and Hale County This Morning, This Evening, and Bisbee ’17, each of which I obviously happen to dig (and one of which will appear on my own year end list – that’s what we call a “teaser”).

You can read the full list over at Paste Magazine.

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