“Robert Redford’s Last Role Is A Dazzling Film With A Simple Message: Do What Makes You Happy”

Minor note about The Old Man & the Gun: As of now, David Lowery is 2 for 4 with me, having won me over with Pete’s Dragon and lost me on both Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and A Ghost Story*. The Old Man & the Gun reads like a snow globe, a capsule containing every sort of movie Lowery grew up on and / or loves; it’s charming, warm, funny, often touching but without asserting its sentiment.

It’s also a movie about doing what you love, and though the message is somewhat more complex than that, I chose to stick with the way the film breaks that theme down first. I imagine subsequent visits will only add to the reading. 

This is a great movie. I also wrote a great piece about it for The Week, and you can head on over there to read it.



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