Review: Bisbee ’17, 2018, dir. Robert Greene

Upfront: I dug Kate Plays Christine, documentary filmmaker Robert Greene’s last movie, but I am floored, still, by Bisbee ’17, his latest, and I saw it over two weeks ago. Maybe that makes me…I don’t know, simple? I think Kate Plays Christine hangs around the edges of fast comprehension. It’s elusive. I like an elusive film, and I’m sure to some “elusive” is easily conflated with “automatically great.” I’m not so sure. (Kate Plays Christine is, of course, a very, very good movie. It’s just that it’s focused on abstractions, for the most part.) 

Bisbee ’17 is, by comparison, “accessible,” though it’s still a complicated movie about complicated things that leaves lots of room for us to stumble and make rushed connections between the events documented in the film and events happening at the U.S. / Mexico border today. Not that those connections aren’t there; they’re just not the whole point of the film.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.





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