Interview: Trey Edward Shults, “Krisha”


There’s a whole lot to like about Trey Edward Shults’ debut film, Krisha, which I’ll be writing a few paragraphs about later this week (mini review round-up, incoming); it’s made with incredible verve, it’s so personal that it blurs the line of reality and art, and the performances are all outstanding. But the most exciting thing about it may be that watching the film gives the sense that you’re watching someone being born. Maybe we should expect no less from a filmmaker who has worked with talents like Terrence Malick, and yet the key ingredients here are the life experiences Shults draws on as his source material. 

If all of that piques your curiosity, you should probably go peruse my lengthy interview with Shults over at Paste.


3 thoughts on “Interview: Trey Edward Shults, “Krisha”

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