Review: April and the Extraordinary World, 2016, dir. Christian Desmares & Franck Ekinci


I don’t know how many people have access to movies like April and the Extraordinary World, and I don’t know many people love Hergé and Tintin and traditional animation and steampunk and Marion Cotillard. If you do love any one or more of those things, this movie was basically made with you in mind. It’s glorious. It’s also insanely difficult to summarize without dedicating too much word count toward the synopsis. Basically, in an alternate past, Napoleon dies in a stupid lab accident, which leads to the Franco-Prussian war never happening, which creates a ripple effect throughout history as we know it that ultimately puts humanity in a steam-powered world. And then the story begins from there. Whatever. Read my review. That’ll suss it all out for you. Put in short: you should buy a ticket to see this, because it is absolutely fantastic.

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