“‘Saint Frances’ Casts Aside Judgment for Compassion”

I plead the Mandela effect: For reasons I cannot fathom, I thought that Kelly O’Sullivan co-wrote Saint Frances with her directing pal, Alex Thompson. I really have no idea how I came to this conclusion. I also thought, for a hot second, that they co-directed together, but I caught that mistake before sending in copy. 

Regardless, I’m glad I was wrong. This is a wonderful case where the writer, and the writing, both feel more important to a film than the directing. Frankly, I feel like Thompson is just working at O’Sullivan’s behest. He’s a means to an end. The script is the story. I don’t want to put Thompson out entirely, because I think Saint Frances is wonderfully directed, but I think you could probably swap directors and lose little. Take away O’Sullivan and there’s no film at all.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.


One thought on ““‘Saint Frances’ Casts Aside Judgment for Compassion”

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