“Ratboys’ ‘Printer’s Devil’ Sounds Unlike the Ratboys You Know, and That’s a Good Thing”

Just to avoid putting on airs: Printer’s Devil is the first Ratboys album I ever listened to. But because I’m a good music journalist, I went back through their previous releases to get a sense of who it is I’m writing about, and you know what? I stand by my header. Slightly exaggerated, but still true overall. This new Ratboys joint is very much “new” in the sense that it expands greatly on their established sound.

Printer’s Devil does give the impression of a band that understands what they’re about and has added to their sense of self tactically, intelligently; instead of remaking themselves, they’ve simply added on to the aesthetics that make them who they are. I dig that. I like watching bands evolve. I hate watching bands evolve at the expense of their identities. Boo to that. Yay to Ratboys.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.


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