“No Album Left Behind: Michaela Anne’s ‘Desert Dove'”

Desert Dove came out in September; it’s now the end of the year. Thank goodness for enterprising editorial minds, and also for the gap in release versus review.

It’s rare that I get this much time to stew over a piece of art, whether a movie or TV show, and it’s rarer still that in between that aforementioned gap, I get to talk to the artist for a half hour about this, that, and the other*. With that kind of advantage, I had the chance to dig real deep beneath Desert Dove‘s surface to say a thing or too about Anne and how her persona shapes the record’s narrative.

I’ll let you discover all that for yourself by listening to Desert Dove, and also by reading my review, which you can find over at Paste Magazine.

*This is what we refer to in the biz as a “teaser,” folks.


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