Review: Mr. Roosevelt, 2017, dir. Noël Wells

I’m sort of tired of comedies that adopt the simple method of point-and-shoot – see The Big Sick – but I can forgive them for mere adequacy of craftsmanship so long as the writing is both a) good, and b) doesn’t overstay its welcome. In the case of Mr. Roosevelt, I get the sense that the film’s look has something to do with available funds. It’s rough around the edges (and the center, while we’re at it), but its writer-director, Noël Wells (who you might remember from the first season of Master of None), has something to say, and she has a good voice for saying it. So basically, I dug it. It won me over. A movie about a dead cat just tugs at my heartstrings. 

Anyways, I wrote about it at Paste Magazine, which is the next stop you should take on your daily Internet train ride. 

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