TV Review: The Bastard Executioner, 1.03, “Effigy/Delw”


“Effigies and snakes; that’s all The Bastard Executioner deigns to give us this week, all instances of rhinectomy aside. Annora’s growing collection of artisanal hanging serpents are probably the least important detail in “Effigy/Delw” (pronounced “del-oo”), but the sight of them suspended in air, gently lit by the blaze of her torch, does give the episode a brief and welcome moment of eye-raising surprise. That scene tells us quite a lot about Katey Sagal’s enigmatic practitioner of all things occult, notably that whatever it is that she and the Dark Mute (who, as of now, is mute no longer) are actually doing, they’ve been at it a long, long time, and killed off a whole lot of snakes in the process.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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