TV Review: The Muppets, 1.01, “Pig Girls Don’t Cry”


“If there’s one question the cardinal season of The Muppets absolutely must answer, it’s this: What’s to be gained by filtering the antics and ennui of Kermit and co. through the lens of the office docu-comedy? We’re used to seeing these characters set against a vaudevillian backdrop or within the parameters of familiar movie genres—road trip comedies, heist flicks, and the occasional literary adaptation. Most of all, we’re accustomed to the experience of the Muppets putting on a show-within-a-show, so in that respect, The Muppets feels like familiar ground for the gang to tread, though this time, they’re on late night television as ABC attempts to bring Jim Henson’s beloved felt creations back to TV for the first time since 1998.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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