(More Than) Halftime Report: The Best Of 2015 To Date


This post is late. Every hip critic on the web has already published a top ten for the year despite the fact that 2015 is only half over and going through the ranking rigmarole every fall is enough of a pain in the ass on its own without having to do the same song and dance six months in advance. This post is also a cheat, because there are films on my list that either a) have been released in July and therefore fall outside of whatever vague eligibility rules people impose on halftime lists, or b) haven’t been released at all but have managed to clean up so well on the international awards scene or otherwise earn accolades from the press that who cares.

Anyways, this is the best and most accurate collation of all the great films released in 2015 that you should go watch. I arrived at this conclusion through objective observation, because we all know art is objective.

10. Inside Out
9. Appropriate Behavior
8. Heaven Knows What
7. Stray Dog
6. Court
5. Bob and the Trees
4. The Look of Silence
3. The Clouds of Sils Maria
2. Tangerine
1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Honorables: What We Do in the ShadowsCreepWhite GodSlow West, The Tribe


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