Review: Do I Sound Gay?, 2015, dir. David Thorpe


If you’ve been paying attention to the press, you’d think that just under two weeks ago the Supreme Court didn’t rule in favor of equality by guaranteeing marriage rights to gay couples across the U.S. of A. Homophobia, gay panic, and general bad feeling toward LGBT folks isn’t exactly at an all-time high or anything, but man, it’s ugly out there; windbags like Chris Christie and Scott Walker have had plenty of barbs for SCOTUS, Senator Lee “Not Very” Bright opened up a South Carolina flag debate with a rant about the evils of gay marriage that would be quaintly cuckoo if it wasn’t terrifying, and Mike Huckabee, high justiciar of ration and reason, has doubled down on his own wacky post-ruling commentaries by identifying the true culprit behind the cresting tidal wave of pro-gay marriage sentiment as modern love itself. Insidious. (Via Birth.Movies.Death.)


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