Review: Reality, 2015, dir. Quentin Dupieux


“If a viewer can expect anything from a Quentin Dupieux film titled Reality, it’s willful surrealism. Reality and reality pass each other like two ships in the night, and one of those ships is an impish gallimaufry stitched together from bits and pieces of Magnolia, Holy Motors,Inception, Hitoshi Matsumoto’s oeuvre, and the vast canon of grade-Z horror cinema. The only coherent element of Reality is its incoherence. Dupieux refuses to make his point clear. That’s okay, though. Remember, this is the man who directed Rubber, an equally defiant genre joint about a killer car tire with telekinetic powers. Like Rubber, Reality has something to say about the process of making movies. Unlike Rubber, it’s actually interesting.” (Via Movie Mezzanine.)


2 thoughts on “Review: Reality, 2015, dir. Quentin Dupieux

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