“‘Deerskin’ Wears Its Mystery Well

I remember liking Reality back when I reviewed it in 2015, but 5 years later it’s worth noting that I remember not a whit about it save for maybe one stray image here or there and Jon Heder*. I remember Rubber, but I also remember hating the fuck out of its forceful meta-text jerkoff conceit.

I suspect I’ll think more fondly of Deerskin years from now, because Deerskin is a) 77 minutes, b) coherent, c) not at all smug and self-regarding, and d) good. I realize d) is a weak-ass justification alongside the rest, but look, Deerskin knows what it is, knows how to be what it is, and carries itself well, party on the back of a really damn good Jean Dujardin performance. There’s no fat here. I admire a movie that knows when to be the right length. That’s this movie.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.

*Only because he’s so gratingly awful.

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