Review: Unfriended, 2015, dir. Levan Gabriadze


“Horror on a webcam” is neither a fresh aesthetic nor a new idea. Nacho Vigalondo’s unfortunately overcomplicated Open Windows and the 2012 omnibus joint V/H/S both use Skype chats to variable effect; if we want to duck genre, then it’s worth pointing out that Modern Family presented an entire episode using FaceTime as the stage earlier this year. So Unfriended, a Blumhouse Productions picture set entirely within its protagonist’s laptop, feels like a gimmick that’s been beaten to the punch by both movies and TV. Life moves quickly on the web, but even in the real world, director Levan Gabriadze has shown up late enough to the party that nobody will notice.”(Via Movie Mezzanine.)


One thought on “Review: Unfriended, 2015, dir. Levan Gabriadze

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