Nostalgia In “It Follows”


“Getting older sucks. Oh, sure, it’s a real gas at first; you can stay out later at night the more years you pack on, for one thing, and you find yourself acquiring new privileges even as your responsibilities remain more or less the same (meaning “nil”). Once you’ve edged toward the tail end of teendom, you’ve earned the right to work buy smokes, drive a car, vote in a presidential election, enlist in the military, purchase a car, rent your own apartment, take out loans and, bit by bit, take control of your destiny. Some of these perks are less groovy than others (though undoubtedly there are young’ns who thrill at the idea of being able to join the army without parental consent), but each puts you one step closer to full-fledged self-possession. It’s kind of awesome.” (Via Badass Digest.)

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