Review: The Riot Club, 2015, dir. Lone Scherfig


“Lone Scherfig’s new film name-drops its own title so many times that it very nearly verges on self-parody. If a tenacious viewer felt so inclined, they could make a super-cut of every time anybody on screen coyly huffs and puffs about the eponymous ultra-exclusive “riot club,” and it might last several minutes; the club, a private, all-male social group for spoiled rich boys, is spoken of with the same hushed reverence reserved for, say, the Wizard of Oz, and in mischievously pompous tones. But then again, in accordance with the film’s characters’ massive collective ego, maybe that’s exactly the point. The Riot Club! It’s an invocation promising privileged mayhem.” (Via Movie Mezzanine.)

One thought on “Review: The Riot Club, 2015, dir. Lone Scherfig

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