Review: Horrible Bosses 2, 2014, dir. Sean Anders


“Why does every single Jason Bateman character ever insist on associating with morons? Bateman’s always been the smartest, most hapless schmuck in the room; ever since his days on Arrested Development, viewers have gravitated towards him out of sympathy, wanting to support his innate, down-to-earth likeability. But there’s a point at which an actor’s persona threatens to tip over the edge into grotesque schtick, and with Horrible Bosses 2, Bateman hovers dangerously close to unflattering self-parody. Reprising his role from 2011’s Horrible Bosses, the Everyman-named Nick Hendricks, Bateman finds himself stymied again and again by the rank ineptitude of the people with which he chooses to ally himself. He’s rational, he’s normal, and he’s surrounded by assholes.” (Via Paste Magazine.)


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