“Everyone Compared ‘Joker’ to ‘The King of Comedy.’ Scorsese’s Film is Still Far Better.”

I didn’t get to write about Joker in 2019; I have never had a chance to write about The King of Comedy, which I consider one of Martin Scorsese’s best non-gangster* movies. The latter had a birthday last month, and that’s as good a reason to kill two birds with one stone, and also rewatch The King of Comedy.

I know I’m not breaking the mold here by using the obvious as a thesis; Joker is a very bad King of Comedy ripoff. But I drilled down to get into something more abstract in pop culture’s cache of films influenced by The King of Comedy, and I hope I got there.

You can read the full piece over at Inverse.

*Martin Scorsese has only made 6 gangster out of 25 features.


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