Review: Calexico and Iron & Wine, “Years to Burn”

I’ve been listening to Iron & Wine since my college days*, so it’s a weird pleasure to review Sam Beam’s work today; I’ve been listening to Calexico for a much shorter number of years, but I’m a fan, and whatever, here they are collaborating with Beam, so what else am I going to do? 

Years to Burn snuck up on me. The first time through, I found it somewhat scattered. The second time, a narrative began to emerge. About the fifth time, it struck me that maybe, just maybe, these guys should quit fucking around and just form a new band together, because they make so much sense as a pairing that listening to them play separately feels like a waste**. 

You can read my full review at Paste Magazine.

*They weren’t that long ago! Don’t fact check me, though!
**Okay, not a “waste,” that’s strong language, they make good music on their own, I cannot deny this.

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