TV Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Episode 4.06, “Monster in the Closet”


…oh, thank god Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back.

This is a nail I hammer home often, but for the most part any Brooklyn Nine-Nine is good Brooklyn Nine-Nine, even the Brooklyn Nine-Nine that isn’t as good as the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine; it’s even better when Brooklyn Nine-Nine hasn’t been on the air for a while, whether because the season is over or the show is in a mid-season hiatus. Case in point: “Monster in the Closet” played just last night, nearly a month after “Halloween IV” rocked our socks. What an injustice to wait so long, but what a relief to finally get back to those wacky 9-9ers.

Anyways, I wrote about it all for Paste Magazine, which is the thing that I normally do when Brooklyn Nine-Nine is in circulation. 

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