TV Review: The Bastard Executioner, 1.10, “Blood and Quiescence/Crau a Chwsg”


“If The Bastard Executioner’s cardinal season can be summed up with a single word, that word is “rushed.” From the show’s premiere to its finale, “Blood and Quiescence/Crau a Chwsg,” every narrative thread, every plot point, every character arc has felt unjustly compressed, like so many square pegs being stuffed into round holes. This, in itself, is a remarkable creative feat: Even though each episode in the series is mostly overlong, Kurt Sutter still failed to give his myriad plot elements proper breathing room and enough time for his audience to develop proper emotional investment; with “Blood and Quiescence/Crau a Chwsg,” that failure is driven home, and brings The Bastard Executioner to an unsatisfying and unearned conclusion.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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