TV Review: The Bastard Executioner, 1.08, “Broken Things/Pethau Toredig”


“And for one episode, the cast of The Bastard Executioner set aside their petty squabbles, personal vendettas and unresolved beefs to unite for a greater purpose: hunting a rogue Frenchman. Corbett might be a murdering son of a bitch, and Wilkin might feel the utmost loathing for him, but when the newly-exiled Piers Gaveston goes on the run, both villain and hero determine to find the snide courtier and bring him to justice. If the search for Piers provided “Broken Things/Pethau Toredig” with the totality of its backbone, it might have worked out for the better. But Piers’ treachery, and his choice to go underground and hide from the law, must await resolution until next week. There are other lambs to slaughter here.” (Via Paste Magazine.)

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