Go, See, Talk! Review: Ted, 2012, dir. Seth MacFarlane

Ever wonder what a full-length Seth MacFarlane film might look like? The short answer is, “entirely what you’d expect it to”. For some, that’s a good thing. For others– like myself– it’s a problem. Giving Ted the full benefit of the doubt despite my dislike for latter-day Family Guy and American Dad (and The Cleveland Show, but everyone hates that one so it hardly seems worth mentioning), I still had a difficult time finding much to laugh about in an hour and forty minutes of the same forced, stilted humor that so woefully lacks the power to really shock and rankle; the movie has its bright spots, but for the most part you get exactly what you pay for. There’s a sweetness to Ted that very nearly transcends MacFarlane’s weaknesses as a humorist, but the film feels much too insecure about its emotional elements, and the picture suffers from it. Load up Go, See, Talk! for my full review


2 thoughts on “Go, See, Talk! Review: Ted, 2012, dir. Seth MacFarlane

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