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“How Deadpool Aced Viral Marketing”

“How Deadpool Aced Viral Marketing”

Heard about that Deadpool movie? If you watch TV, or if you are a slave to any particular social media platform, then yes! You have! Even if you aren’t, there’s a good chance you have heard people talking about it who do watch TV, or who live a gross percentage of their lives on Twitter. Such is the strength of … Continue reading

The Art of the Spoil: Follow-up

Back in February, I wrote an article detailing an experiment I intended to carry out that involved me totally blanking myself on details for one film while over-clocking myself on another. Well, with my Iron Man 2 and Kick-Ass reviews in the books, so to speak, the time has come to disseminate to you the results of my … Continue reading

Review: Iron Man 2, 2010, dir. Jon Favreau

The sequel in a superhero franchise is generally highly anticipated for all the promise it holds. With all of the origin work out of the way thanks to the first film, the second entry in the series naturally possesses more room to maneuver and wow audiences without being stymied by a need to portray the … Continue reading

Review: Kick-Ass, 2010, dir. Matthew Vaughn

Dave Lizewski wants to know why more people don’t become superheroes. On the surface, it’s a pretty inane question, and one that his friend quickly and bluntly shoots down: Any normal person dressing up in a costume and fighting crime would wind up dead or hospitalized after their first day. But Dave is too driven … Continue reading

The Art of the Spoil: My Experiment for 2010

You know you want to go into a movie blind. You really do. But at the same time, it’s almost impossible to succeed in said endeavor. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and you’ll see. Sure, you can avoid spending too much time on movie websites, and you can always change the channel. You can … Continue reading