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Review: Greenberg, 2010, dir. Noah Baumbach

Director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, Margot At the Wedding) is no stranger to awkward family dynamics; for him, it’s well-tread territory that he’s obviously and contradictorily comfortable exploring in his cinema. Which, for some, might make his latest effort, Greenberg, feel somewhat effortless and even slight considering the source. After all, he’s done it … Continue reading

Review: Megamind, 2010, dir. Tom McGrath

Dreamworks’ 2010 resembles something of a roller coaster, climbing to the peak of ascension in March with the outstanding How to Train Your Dragon before racing back down the rails with May’s Shrek Forever After. This November, the studio has risen back up to the middle with their original (if one can call it that … Continue reading

Review: Shutter Island, 2010, dir. Martin Scorsese

(Warning: The following review delves ever so slightly into spoiler territory, so you may wish to avoid reading this if you haven’t watched the movie yet.) And for his next trick, Martin Scorsese does his very best M. Night Shyamalan impression and tries his hand at the horror genre. Shutter Island, by all means, isn’t … Continue reading

Review: The Social Network, 2010, dir. David Fincher

Announcement to Jesse Eisenberg: From henceforth you are no longer allowed to work with writers whose names are not Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin, known throughout his career for engineering propulsive and mercurial dialogue, possesses a style almost tailor-made for Eisenberg’s precipitative speech patterns. Throughout The Social Network‘s two hour running time Eisenberg seems to be the … Continue reading

Review: Monsters, 2010, dir. Gareth Edwards

In Monsters, the debut picture of newcomer Gareth Edwards, colossal alien beasts roam the lands south of the US/Mexico border after landing on Earth six years ago. The territory they inhabit, stretching south from the border through much of northern Mexico, has been deemed the “infected zone” and is considered hostile for human beings to … Continue reading

Review: The Town, 2010, dir. Ben Affleck

The Town serves as a direct competition between Ben Affleck, actor, and Ben Affleck, director, in a bid to determine which of the two stands out as the dominant personality. Anyone who saw 2007’s Gone Baby Gone already can guess that the latter incarnation of the Cambridge-born Affleck emerges victorious, and if anything, The Town … Continue reading

Review: Get Low, 2010, dir. Aaron Schneider

There’s a moment early on in Aaron Schneider’s Get Low in which our hero, Felix Bush (Robert Duvall), promotes his living funeral through live radio broadcast to local townsfolk and all those residing in the adjoining counties. Asked by the operator how he’s doing, Bush responds in his uniquely short and gruff manner, “I am”; … Continue reading

Review: The Other Guys, 2010, dir. Adam McKay

Wow, Adam McKay– what’s gotten you so worked up? Watching The Other Guys, the answer isn’t particularly secret and nor does McKay seem terribly interested in trying to disguise it. For a bonkers, slapstick, off-the-wall comedy featuring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg swapping back and forth between being the straight man and acting like lunatics, … Continue reading

Review: Centurion, 2010, dir. Neil Marshal

In roughly AD 117, Rome’s 9th Legion disappeared while on the march through Britain. What happened to them has been the subject of much debate and speculation amongst scholars; some assert that they were wiped out by Celtic tribes of Britain, while others believe that they simply disbanded, and still others suggest that they died … Continue reading

Review: Daybreakers, 2010, dir. Michael and Peter Spierig

2003 brought us the campy Australian horror comedy, Undead, a refreshing take on the zombie genre courtesy of Michael and Peter Spierig. The film’s low budget and B-movie sensibilities lent it a certain scrappy charm; combined with the interesting perspective the siblings brought to the story, Undead became something of a cult favorite. All of … Continue reading

Review: Inception, 2010, dir. Christopher Nolan

Inception, in its fashion, feels well-worn and familiar but only because the trick of the film is a favorite of director Chris Nolan’s. Indeed, he pulled it off just two years ago with 2008’s The Dark Knight, a sincere if bloated attempt at inciting a mainstream cultural phenomenon framed within an equally genuine bid at … Continue reading

Review: Ondine, 2010, dir. Neil Jordan

Fisherman Syracuse (Colin Farrell) boards his vessel and carries out his daily routine one morning. Quite unexpectedly, his trawling nets pull in something more than his normal catch; he finds a woman (Alicja Bachelda), close to death and suffering from amnesia so severe that she cannot remember her own name. She calls herself Ondine, and … Continue reading

Review: Toy Story 3, 2010, dir. Lee Unkrich

Now THAT’S how you close out a series. Or not. Animation giant Pixar’s requisite annual release, Toy Story 3, ends with a final sequence that potentially gives the company the option of producing a fourth entry in their flagship franchise– let’s face it, no characters in the Pixar family are more iconic and immediately recognized … Continue reading

Review: Splice, 2010, dir. Vincenzo Natali

Bizarre genius. Those two words may best describe Vincenzo Natali’s decade-in-the-making Frankenstein  update, Splice, an imperfect movie executed with the exact amount of gusto needed to transcend its own inadequacies. Make no mistake, Splice is flawed, but those aspects that underwhelm never impede the film from being thoughtful and satisfying in all of its weird, … Continue reading

Review: MacGruber, 2010, dir. Jorma Taccone

After more than thirty years of making us laugh (admittedly, some years have been better than others), Saturday Night Live can’t just be considered a TV show. For late night comedy– hell, for all comedy– SNL represents the foundation for the careers of innumerable funny men and women from Steve Martin to Tina Fey. It’s … Continue reading

Review: Shrek Forever After, 2010, dir. Mike Mitchell

Are we there yet? 2010’s fourth and hopefully final entry in DreamWorks’ Shrek franchise, ominously titled Forever After, simultaneously feels tired and haphazardly energetic. The story almost doesn’t matter as the film barrels through scene after scene without stopping to breathe, a spastic child on a destructive sugar high. Did I expect more? Not quite, … Continue reading