“The 9 Hops That Every IPA Lover Should Know”

It’s funny: You start out with a brief to cover the 5 most important hops for people to know about in craft brewing today, and you end up cheating 4 extras into that 5, like a Trojan Horse full of herbaceous perennials, and suddenly, you’re covering 9 hops.

I can only blame myself. Choosing 5 isn’t easy. I could have stuck with market value and saturation to arrive at my 5, but that would be boring; literally anyone could write that piece. I am not literally anyone. 5 is not enough. I also have a whole list of new hops in my head (born from another piece written prior to this one) that I want to talk about with the world. What a conundrum.

Fortunately, I solved it, and you can read the fruits of my labors over at Cool Material.


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