“How The ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Director Brought ‘Psychological Warfare’ To ‘Evil Dead'”

Here’s a story that I’ll tell anyone who listens, and since you’re here reading my blog, you have no choice: Back in 2019, I talked to Lee Cronin via Skype about The Hole in the Ground, his debut, for a piece for Vulture. Before I could even transcribe the fucking call, the editor killed the piece with no explanation. So I had this call from Lee that I couldn’t do anything with

I managed to write about the movie a couple of times regardless, and for different outlets entirely, but the injustice still sticks in my craw, or craw-region. 

Happily, I had the chance to talk with Lee again, this time regarding Evil Dead Rise, which just came out today; also happily, the piece ran, and you all get to read it over at Inverse

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