“Parenting Is a Horror Story in ‘There’s Something Wrong with the Children'”

Hello, kids! Gather ’round for story time. In 2019, I spoke with Roxanne Benjamin by phone about her movie Body at Brighton Rock, on behalf of an outlet I’d like to write for again in the future and which I’ll subtly refer to as “Carrion Bird Magazine.” We had a good conversation. Specifically, we got into the way Benjamin’s movies tend to involve a healthy fear of nature to one degree or another, something she hadn’t quite noticed herself; I felt pretty pleased with myself.

Then, the magazine editor asked if I could get on the phone with Benjamin again to ask her about “elevated horror.” I couldn’t, really, and somehow, the piece didn’t run. I still got paid for it, but that just made me feel dirty, and to this day I’m annoyed at the editor* for whatever the hell happened.

Anyways, Benjamin has a new movie out and revolves around a healthy fear of nature. You should see it. You should also read my review for Paste Magazine.

*Who has since moved aside for another editor, who to my understanding actually does their  job well.


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