“Is The Artificial Intelligence In ‘M3GAN’ A Real Threat?”

Life takes you to strange places when you’re a Movie Critic Freelance Guy and your meal ticket often depends on finding unique angles to talk about movies that everyone else gets to just review. Inverse has been a good place for that kind of thing, for me. I’ve talked to cryptozoologists about Cryptozoo, and child psychologists (plus Adam Egypt Mortimer) for Malignant, on the site’s behalf; this makes my piece about M3GAN par for the course, because I tracked down roboticists to ask whether or not we should really fear killer robots.

The answer is “probably not,” but mostly because we’re “not there yet” and in the meantime, there are lots of “other things” that we should be “shitting our pants over” in regards to the many ways AI can go wrong. 

You can read the whole thing over at, as I said, Inverse.


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