“New England Is Home To Some of the Country’s Best Beer. These Were the 5 Best New Beers of 2022”

Writing journalism about beer means embracing your beer biases. In my case, I tend to focus on New England located breweries; they’re the ones I have easiest access to, save for those in the region’s farthest flung areas, all the way up in the northern tips of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont*. So, given the chance, I ranked up the beers from New England that I tried in 2022 that I enjoyed the most. Here are those beers.

I’m not sure if I really met the brief; these blurbs of mine go deep, and if you’re into this kind of article, then “deep” may be a bit more than you’ve bargained for. Still, I can’t talk about beer without talking about it holistically, so there you have it. If you get the chance to try any of these, well, do it**.

You can read my ranking over at Cool Material.

*Hill Farmstead is worth the trip, but it’s less of a “trip” and more of a “journey” that you “might come close to dying on,” especially when “mud season overlaps with snow season” and “your GPS takes you down dirt roads clearly inhabited by rednecks.” It’s a long story.
**Last I checked, Widowmaker still has This Place Is A Tomb in cans. Just sayin’.


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