“Every 1980s Genre Movie Fan Should Own the ‘Highlander’ 4K Release”

When you’re in the middle of, or ideally the end of, a mass-year end catch-up session, watching the movies deemed significant to the culture and which will undoubtedly be part of the conversations happening in your industry until after March, a junk cinema detox works wonders. So, when I needed a break from FYC screeners, I turned to the 4K copy of Highlander sitting on my coffee table, and I said: “Yes. This will do nicely.”

Highlander probably isn’t the kind of movie that inspires in folks a great deal of respect, and may raise red flags over my taste levels. But even weird-ass movies like Highlander are worthy of consideration, even if only as product, because whether the story works for you or not, the product looks great. In fact, Highlander in 4K justifies Highlander, period. Those scene transitions! Those costumes! Clancy Brown’s tongue! 

You can read my full rundown of the release over at Cool Material.

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