“Born To Fight: Final Girls Ready To Slash Back”

I tried to avoid writing my round-up piece about this year’s final girls and slasher films as if final girls fighting off their slashers are new to 2022; this is false and ahistorical. What I’m arguing here is much more specific: 2022 has produced either brand new final girls, or emboldened final girl icons, to defend themselves against slashers to an extent not really seen in the genre before. Think of it this way: The protagonist in Terrifier 2, where I put most of my focus, is essentially born to beat the bloody tar out of Art the Clown, a villain I one day hope to write a longer piece about.

Anyways: If ultra-violence isn’t your thing, don’t watch Terrifier 2, but do read my piece about it – and Halloween Ends, and Scream ’22, and Texas Chainsaw Massacreover at Fangoria. (Then again, there are pretty graphic and gross images from Terrifier 2 in the article, so: Be warned.)

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