“Why You Should Own a Blu-ray Collection (Really)”

How about a bit of irony and inside baseball to start your day? The minute after this piece ran, my editor asked if I could update a couple of old “best [category] movies to watch on Netflix” lists; most, if not all, of the entries on both are no longer available on the service. The punchline? I updated those same two lists a year ago

Sounds like a kick in the ass, but honestly, I’m sort of happy, because it proves my point. Streamers aren’t your friends, Netflix most of all, because services like Netflix don’t give a good long damn what you watch, as long as you’re watching. Hulu? Slightly better. They, at least, have a deal with Neon, which means you’re guaranteed to get that studio’s releases on the service in due time; even bad Neon releases tend to at least be worth watching for curiosity’s sake. Prime? About the same as Hulu. I could go on. But I won’t.

Because why? Because I have a whole piece about this and you should read it, over at Cool Material.

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