“Katie Parker and Rahul Kohli Winningly Lead Afterlife Sci-Fi ‘Next Exit'”

I’ll say this about Katie Parker: If this whole “professional acting” thing falls through for her, she can make a great career for herself as a professional Rebecca Hall lookalike. 

Fortunately, she’s a gifted actor, and in Next Exit, she’s one of two buoys, the other being her co-star, everyone’s crush from the Mike Flanagan-verse, Rahul Kohli. I can’t speak highly enough about both of them, and how the way they gel gives this movie so much ballast that the de-emphasis on the science fiction angle never feels like a bug. Like a lot of good sci-fi, Next Exit is about its people, and how the science comprising the fiction affects them – which means the people need to be compelling. Which they are. Well played, team.

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.


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