“Wrinkle Your Brain With Amanda Kramer’s Flamboyant ‘Please Baby Please'”

Good thing Please Baby Please is an awesome movie! I might revisit it again in the future, willingly, for fun, with the aim of letting it all sink in. This is a dense piece of work. I mean that in the kindest, most complimentary way possible; Amanda Kramer stuffs so much into her story that she leaves it fit to burst, but she’s also so good at harmonizing the “stuff” that you’ll never feel for a moment that she’s done too much.

Andrea Riseborough continues to rule. I’m not sure what planet she came from, but her people clearly have some degree of shapeshifting ability. Harry Melling, on the other hand, truly popped my eyes out of my head; someday I’d like to profile him as one of the other Harry Potter alums to make something interesting out of his career post-franchise.

Anyway. Read my full review over at Paste Magazine. You know the drill.

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